Fanuc Industrial Robots

from automation technology inc.

Robotic Arms Capable of Maximizing your Automation Process

Fanuc Robots are manufactured to easily integrate into any production environment. Our industrial robots are designed to handle a wide payload range. We also distribute quality collaborative robotic arms designed to work seamlesslywith the functions of your human personnel. Fanuc robots are manufactured to meet the requirements of your industry’s production. 

  • Easy to operate
  • Innovative approach to robotics 
  • Simple and quick to unpack, mount, and program

The versatile and lightweight robots are space saving and easily adjust from one application to another without having to adjust the production layout. Fanuc collaborative robots are held to stringent safety standards and are designed to stop with any human contact. Our engineers can help you understand how to incorporate our robotics into your EOAT tasks.  Robotic automation is an inexpensive way to advance your production process by cutting added costs associated with set-up, designated tasks, programming, and space constraints.