Buy HyperCyl Hydra-Pneumatic Cylinders

from automation technology inc.

Cylinders Providing the Greatest Force per Dollar Invested

HyperCyl Hydra-Pneumatic cylinders provide a simple setup, minimize maintenance and offer major advantages versus pneumatic and or hydraulic systems. With only three moving components, HyperCyl is a simple device designed for continuous industrial use. A patented internal air/oil separation system, u-cup design, urethane seals and large internal reservoir provide for millions of press cycles before servicing is required. In addition, the plant air supply is totally isolated from the primary hydraulic seals, extending cylinder service life.

  • Low cost, highly reliable solution
  • 1 to 200 Tons of output force
  • Great for assembly, forming, and piercing/punching applications.

Essentially a Pneumatically operated Hydraulic cylinder with the benefits of both without the Mess/Noise/Heat drawbacks associated with antiquated technology. Standard and Non-Standard units are available for quick delivery and options for the IntelliCyl cylinder (LVDT & Load Cell) for Force/Distance monitoring.