Buy HyperCyl Hydraulic Presses

from automation technology inc.

A HyperCyl Hydraulic Cylinder is the Reliable Solution you've been Looking For

HyperPress Assembly and Forming stations offer an adaptable solution for nearly any medium to high force need. C-Frames (gap-style), H-Frames (guided and unguided) along with the HyperPierce self-equalizing unit can complement a wide range of applications including:

  • Dial Table 
  • Assembly Line
  • Automated Robot Cells
  • Standalone Workstations 

All HyperPress systems, when supplied with controls, are fully OSHA and ANSI compliant with redundancy relays, light curtains, tag-outs and mechanical guarding for operator safety. Standard Opto-Safe two hand operator controls for press cycle initiate minimize CTS and operator fatigue. HyperPress typically use a fraction of the total energy costs for equal force output associated with pure pneumatic or hydraulic systems. HyperCyl Press systems are virtually maintenance free, requiring no oil and filters to change and/or EPA requirements for the disposal of the used hydraulic oil.