Buy Sheffer Pneumatic Cylinders

from automation technology inc.

Automation Technology provides Sheffer pneumatic cylinders faster and more reliably than anyone else. Customer satisfaction is crucial and the relationships we develop with manufacturers play a huge role in how we provide the best service possible. Engineers at Automation Technology have a clear understanding of how Sheffer pneumatic cylinders operate and their application in varied industries. Unlike other distributors, who are solely focused on sales, we offer high quality Sheffer pneumatic cylinders with promised ongoing support from knowledgeable and dedicated engineers. 

  • Pressure rating up to 250 PSI
  • Lubed for life
  • Studded rod ends - 4 wrench flats
  • Durable hard chrome plated design
  • Ideal for demanding applications

It is important to acknowledge the context in which Sheffer pneumatic cylinders are used. Our engineers will determine how to best incorporate a Sheffer pneumatic cylinder into your production process. We continually facilitate the needs of our customers so that your Sheffer pneumatic cylinder will have a quality life long performance. A Sheffer pneumatic cylinder provided by Automation Technology is a cost effective way to improve your production process and condense your application needs into one reliable product.