Sommer Linear Motion Technology

from automation technology inc.

Sommer Linear Technology Provides Secure and Customer Specific Braking and Clamping Systems

Automation Technology distributes innovative and customer-specific Sommer linear technology components and systems for you. Our Sommer linear technology industrial braking systems are low-friction running and have the ability to stop securely

All of the braking systems we distribute are manufactured to meet your individual requirements. Our Sommer linear technology are unique and affordable braking systems appropriate for all types production. 

  • Very high holding force on small dimensions
  • No relative movement for the workpiece
  • Virtually wear free
  • Emergency stop-capable series with integrated special surface for braking

We ensure that Sommer Industrial clamping systems have a secure hold to maximize safety and protect your machines. Automation Technology distributes clamping systems with a high holding forceno matter the dimensions. The positional accuracy we deliver makes it so that there is never a clamping force transferred back.