Buy Tolomatic Linear Actuators

From Automation Technology, Inc. 

Automation Technology is proud to be a distributer of Tolomatic's top of the line industrial linear motion technology. The Tolomatic versatile welding actuators have a unique and innovative design to fit the needs of a variety of industries including packaging, medical, food and drink, and automotive. The high-force actuators provide quality resistance to make them ideal for processes such as spot welding robots. 

  • Quality linear motion solutions that are affordable
  • Wide range of actuators, each built with maximum durability
  • Products are proven to function and perform with ease

Tolomatic welding actuators have a reputable design with an extremely long service life. They are known for high-quality welds due to their efficiency and reliability. All of the welding actuators are manufactured to last. They are all made from a durable stainless steel material while still maintaining a lightweight design.