Wilkerson Pneumatic Air Regulators

from automation technology inc.

Accurate and Reliable Air Regulators

Automation Technology offers a complete line of air regulation products to control and regulate air quality. Wilkerson manufactures air preparation solutions that can be used for numerous applications in a variety of industries. Their pneumatic air preparation products include regulators that maintain safe operating pressures for your important equipment. Wilkerson regulators and filter/regulators

  • reduce excessive wear
  • save space
  • maintain trouble-free operations

Pneumatic air preparation regulators are used to ensure the best operation of pneumatic tools at their recommended pressures. They're used in conjunction with our filters to accurately control air pressure and protect air valves, cylinders, conveyors, and control circuits. They are frequently used in the medical field and manufacturing environments due to their precise and reliable performance. Wilkerson air preparation filter/regulators are an affordable solution for reducing air pressure. They are commonly used for energy conservation, safety requirements, and air circuit control.