Buy Zimmer Grippers and End-effectors

From automation technology inc.

Grippers and End-effectors that Help Save Time and Money

Automation Technology's Zimmer robotic end-effectors interact in their environment with ease. Each of our Zimmer end-of-arm tools are designed and built to exact specifications of the customer. The unique design of our Zimmer end-effectors is versatile and has therefore been the perfect solution for a variety of industries.

  • Superior in their gripping force to mass and price 
  • Maximum level of process reliability and cost optimization
  • Both speed and force control 
  • Self-limitation mechanism guarantees high level and quality functioning.

Gripping designs are becoming increasingly popular, therefore the versatility and easy programming is essential. Our Zimmer Grippers have the ability to change end effectors on a robot which will save you both time and money. Instead of purchasing multiple robots to handle different tasks, we will provide you with one quality robot that can be fit with different grippers so that you can diversify product lines at any time with little additional cost.