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EOAT Components

The End-of-arm tool present on an articulating robotic arm is essential for its use. Automation Technology has comprehensive expertise when it comes to EOAT components. Automation Technology is equipped to provide an array of End-of-arm-Tooling products. Easily integrated into any process environment, UR and Fanuc robots provide flexible arms for pick-and-place instruments. We distribute quality collaborative robotic arms designed to work seamlessly with your human personnel. 

Zimmer grippers and end-effectors are easily programmable. Where suction gripping force is required, Vaccon provides a large gamut of cups and vacuum pumps. They have the advantage of being:

  • Oil Resistant
  • Delicate for pressure-sensitive objects
  • Modular

Automation Technology’s line of grippers and cups help save time and money by providing consistent solutions to a variety of needs. The collaborative robots we distribute are next to none for cooperative industrial tasks.