Extruded Aluminum Lean Manufacturing Workstations

Where People and Process Meet

Automation Technology t-Slot Aluminum workstations set the standard for modular, ergonomic designs. Our full-service facility allows us to provide workstations that allow you to easily adjust to any challenge

We take advantage of extruded aluminum's impressive modularity. Our workstations can be customized with Akro Mills bins, a wide variety of drawerspivoting armscountertops and many mounting options for tools. They're easily adjustable to be equally usable regardless of the user. All workstations can be installed on-site.

Automation Technology will meet your workstation needs, whatever they may be. The ergonomics and decreased strain are standard in our modern manufacturing facility. We provide adaptable aluminum manufacturing workstations to facilitate and improve your production process. 

  • Lean Manufacturing Workcells
  • Table & Desk Workstations
  • Modifiable Stands
  • Adjustable Height Workstations
  • Convertible Workbenches

Our T-slotted extrusion products are 100% compatible with Bosch Rexroth and other fractional and metric extrusions.

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  • Aluminum Workstation
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  • Workstation
    Adjustable Design
  • Full Lean Workstation
    Lean Ready

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